Quality Walkway Shades to Protect Pedestrians

Rifco Engineering is a progressive company that offers custom premium quality walkway shades. Our shades are perfect for poolside, river-walks, boardwalks, seating and gathering areas. Our shades are engineered to provide the maximum protection for pedestrians.

The amply designed canopy structures also accommodate night lighting and give a dramatic look to the evening landscape. Available in different vibrant fabric colors that protect you from the sun’s harmful U.V. rays and offer a pleasing color to any location. The metal walkway shades are also available with many additional custom colors as well.

A wide range of our walkway shades designs, heights, lengths and overhangs broader your mind, choose the best one walkway structure. Whether for the approaching hurricane or winter season, our shade protects you from all climates changing. Our walkway shades come with an extensive line of shade structures such as umbrellas, canopies, shelters, and tents, etc. All these shade varieties cover walkways, playgrounds, dugouts, bleachers, benches, sports fields, water-play, concessions, and other outdoor space perfectly. Protect the pedestrians from the sun’s harmful U.V rays.


Rifco Engineering is the ideal walkway shade company that offers a broader range of walkway shades designs to their valued customers. Our shades’ designs are innovative and it engineered to provide the maximum shade with the fewest possible post obstructions.

Our walkway shades designs are designed to look great while providing functionality. We use the premium quality and waterproof materials that ensure years of use and sun protection in all types of weather conditions.

Our shades can be used in parks, playgrounds, athletic facilities, schools, aquatic facilities, community outdoor areas and more! In addition to having premium quality and versatile products, our all walkway shades are approved from the concerned authority, which will give you complete peace of mind whenever you plan to add a walkway structure at your places.

Countless walkway designs, color options, shapes, and lengths are custom to fit your requirements. You can also integrate these shades into existing layouts. The best quality, innovative designs, low-cost maintenance, and reliable structure life, all these features of walkway stand out Rifco Engineering in the crowd.


Rifco Engineering holds a prestigious position in the walkway structure market and offers countless covered walkway ideas. Chose the best one from our covered walkway ideas and discuss with our walkway shade experts to convert your ideas into reality. Freestanding and wall-mounted walk systems in a variety of ideas and styles are available to fit your space flawlessly.

Our walkway shades are made from the best quality and waterproof materials that provide welcome space to direct, guide and enhance the usability of your outdoor space. Being a well-reputed company in the covered walkway structure, that can be designed, engineered, and installed by our experienced team of shade professionals.


We have a team of experience designers and manufacturer that are all the time available to assist you in your project. From concept to design and to fabricate to construction everything is just one step away to you. Our broader range of covered walkway ideas add value, protection, and visual distention to any space with the best quality and maintenance-free shade structures from

Rifco Engineering A pioneer, prestigious, dominant and long-standing leader in the walkway shed industry is ready to design and install your walkway structures. This is the more critical time for a shade that will protect your children and adults from the harmful effects of sun U.V rays.

Contact us right now to discuss custom walkway shades or browse out wide range of shade options at our website today. Call to learn more!