Rifco engineering is the ideal choice for outstanding quality and personalized designing and installation of restaurant shades. We have been working in this business for the last ten years. Over the one decade, we have designed and installed the countless restaurant window shades for small, medium and large size restaurants.

Now we have become the first choice of the customer. Many restaurateurs think that having a restaurant shade structure is simply a design decision. But the main thing they are ignoring is its profitability factor that is possible with the attractive, innovative and personalizes restaurant shade.

Through this, you can easily promote your restaurant brand. It can save you from paying increasing utility bills month after month. We understand all these things and that why offer the best quality restaurant shade that will keep fire codes, privacy, security, comfort in mind and protect you from ever-changing seasons.

Advantages of Restaurant Shades Structure

Rifco engineering is the leading brand for a restaurant shade structure that comes with a versatile and innovative restaurant shade. The light weight and the premium quality restaurant shade is the better option to the bulky blinds and shades.


Our restaurant window shades are designed and installed according to your restaurant place. It entirely covers all space and blocks the sun’s heat and glare. It is essential to maximize the customer’s comfort.

Most customers choose the tables next to windows so that they can get the complete outside view. But the sun heat rays create the big hurdle against the sitting wish of customers near the window.

With the installation of restaurant window shades, you can make this area to be comfortable enough. Make your restaurant dining area more comfortable, clam, fresh and attractive all the time. You can achieve this with the help of the best quality Rifco engineering restaurant shade.

Preserve and maintain your restaurant’s view:

To preserve and maintain the best outside view of your restaurant only possible with the Rifco engineering restaurant shade. Our restaurant window shades have the ability to preserves a translucent view to the outside view even block the sun’s rays. Moreover, Rifco engineering shades easily engage customers for a long time. Our restaurant shades allow more light and fresh air inside the dining area.

A complete protection of your interiors:

Our reliable and durable restaurant window shades perfectly stop the UV rays. If these UV rays left unblocked it can damage your restaurant’s furniture and other interior decors. You may face a costly lost. We will save your valuable furniture and interior decors by installing restaurant shades. That’s why the Rifco engineering restaurant shade structure is the ultimate choice for unique and versatile restaurant shades.

Promote your brand:

We put every effort to make your restaurant window shades beautiful and attractive. You can add your restaurant logo, image, business statement and can promote the best image of your restaurant in a short span of time.

Recyclable materials :

Our restaurant’s shade structure is environment-friendly. We use the materials that do not offer any harm for environment and can be recycled after usage.

The professionals at the Rifco engineering are ready to transform your restaurant space is wonderful and attractive for every customer. We can turn your dreams of custom decor into reality.

The best, fantastic, beautiful, sturdy, well-built and easy to put up and down window shade for your restaurant is one step away to you. Get custom designed shade solution for restaurant, hotel and country club, etc.