Rifco Engineering is one of the well-known and full service, design and build commercial sitting area shades manufacturer in the market. We have been providing innovative and the best quality sitting area shades structures at the affordable price.

Now we have become the first preference of customers. Our perfect design and durable sitting shades structures will put you in the driver’s seat. We do not only have a wide collection of architectural shade structures and shade solutions but also have the personalized option for you, so you get exactly what you are looking for in the design and structure of sitting area shades.

Our sitting areas shades come with countless benefit to customers, clients or other users of your outdoor space. Whether you have your own recreational space, open space, outdoor place, or playing area Rifco Engineering sitting area shades structures will keep everyone comfortable and cool.

It will help you prevent the hot sun rays. Our shades will also protect your ground equipment or any other assets from the sun heat that damage your property.

Personalize and Unique Sitting Area Shades Designs

Rifco Engineering sitting area shades structures are very cost-effective and are ideal for an outdoor sitting area. You can use it in a wide variety of areas which include pool areas, outdoor seating, play ground, automotive detail areas and much more.

Our unique and fantastic sitting area design comes with multiple features like clean, straight lines and offers the common look for surrounding structures and buildings. For profit-earning enterprise our products can increase the profit of your business.

The excellent quality sitting areas shades not only increase the value of your space but also give a beautiful view to your customers. The fantastic design gets the attention of customers and they love to sit at your outdoor place for a long time.

Our sitting areas shades are designed to look great while providing a long term sitting shades solution. We use high-quality materials that ensure years of use and capable enough to sustain in any kind of weather condition.


Rifco Engineering sitting area shade might be right for you if you are looking for the following type of features in your shades structures. Cost-effective, reliable, durable and budget-friendly shade solution

  • Cost-effective, reliable, durable and budget-friendly shade solution
  • Unique, good looking and simple design that will match with your property structures
  • Personalize sizes, designs, and shapes of sitting areas shades
  • The flexibility of shade structure that can work for a verity of needs such as pool areas, picnic table areas, outdoor space, playing place and much more, ABC.com shades are versatile application
  • Wide lengths and widths of shade structures suitable for all big spaces.weather condition.


Rifco Engineering offers two types of sitting area shade. One is the standard size and the other is the tailor-made sitting area shades structures. We believe in customer satisfaction and always offer the personalize sitting area design and structure that perfectly fit your shade requirements.

In our wide collection of shades, you can choose the best one that exactly what you want that already Pre-designed. However, if you are looking for a more customized solution that help you to maximize your business branding, our experienced team of shade design experts can create the custom sitting area shade structures that fulfill all your expectation.

Our simple shade solution will help you to promote the best image of your brand and help you in your marketing efforts. These shades will also protect your customers and your equipment from harmful sun heat. Let contact us and design your shade structures for your playgrounds, outdoor basketball courts, seating areas, etc.