Rifco Engineering is the industry leader in the designing and installation of tensile fabric canopies in Lahore, Pakistan. It is our core business and not any other company offers a wide range of tensile fabric canopies in the market.

We design & manufacture canopies which are overhead roof structures that provide shelter against all weather conditions such as snow, hail, sun, and rain. Our tensile shade canopy is designed and manufactured by experienced & certified professionals in Pakistan.



The best quality materials are used in a tensile canopy shade that offers low maintenance and works for a long time. The canopies structure can be used in city parks, schools, bus stands, outdoor eating places and other places where the public is gathered.

The canopy tensile structure is available in different shapes, designs, colors, surfaces and forms and even you have the option to prepare your tensile fabric canopies as per your given requirements.

Durable And UV Absorbed Tensile Shade Canopy:

We are leading designer, manufacturer, and installer for bespoke tensile architecture and fabric canopies. Our unmatched Fabric canopy Design and Tensile shade canopy enable us to stand out in the market. As for as the price of our canopy shade are concerned, it is matchless.

Our fabric canopies are an excellent way to squeeze the most from your allocated budget. We do not compromise on the quality and finishing of products. You rest assured that you have the most reliable, personalize and durable fabric canopy shade in your hand.

Our Canopy Tensile Structure comes with the high-end constructions not only get the attention of visitors but also cover outdoor spaces perfectly. It is a lightweight fabric architecture that not put an extra burden on bases. It is easy to install, cover less space, lightweight and offers low maintenance. Our canopy structure provides abundant natural light, sustainable and durable for a long time.


Its eye-catching colors and stylish design make tensile shade canopy fabulous. In daylight the canopy tensile structure offers soft diffuses naturally lit spaces whereas in night you can make arrangements of artificial light that will create an ambient exterior look.

It is long-lasting and offers a great resistance against fire. Some other highlighted features of our canopy tensile structure are given below.

  1. Elegant and flexible fabric canopy design
  2. Versatile in designs, shape and structure
  3. Fabrics are UV protectors or absorbed
  4. Reliable and excellent reflective properties that ensure sun protections
  5. Easy to install and offer low maintenance
  6. Minimum support requirement
  7. Can cover large open spaces
  8. Lightweight, reliable, and extremely strong
  9. Offer a simple, smart and swift way to cover large areas.
  10. Cost-effective
  11. Backed by 10 years warranty period
  12. Fully engineered
  13. Customization in color, design and structure in canopies
  14. Availability of technical customer support 24 hours a day
  15. A complete rand for play shades, walkways, stages, shelters, stages and more


At Rifco Engineering we have elegant fabric canopy design that can fulfill all your fabric canopy requirements in Pakistan. We have a wide range of stylish, well designed and efficient fabric canopy designs that ready to install at your location. It will match with your locations surface and perfectly cover the entire space.

We have endless design styles, whether your building architecture has straight lines, the third dimension, and curved lines, we are here you offer the custom design fabric canopy that will work perfectly for you.

We have a team of designers that suggest the right fabric canopy design that meets all your needs. At Rifco Engineering, we do not compromise the best materials of the canopy. The frameworks for fabric canopies are constructed with steel tubing or either aluminum.

It totally depends on your needs. All frames are powder coated or printed enamel that comes with a variety of colors that will match with the colors of your building.

Get connected with us to find more detail about our canopy structures or to get a free consultation with our certified and experienced designers and engineers in the tensile structure industry. Fill the online contact form which is available on our site or call us toll-free at ( +92 333 533 2679 )